Introducing: Potatohead People

Potatohead People are the veggie loving Hip Hop duo from Vancouver, mixin’ smooth jazz and soul sounds to create a series of tunes that are dying to be the soundtrack to your Sunday arvo drink sessions. Let them wash over you as you recline on a deck chair and enjoy the instrumental musings these new comers have to offer.

Potatohead People

Silly name, yes. But Potatohead People’s intoxicating blend of hip hop, jazz and electronica is undeniably smooth and engaging.

Releasing their digital EP in February, Kosmichemusik with label Bastard Jazz, Potatohead People are offering up six fresh tracks ranging from instrumental productions with a light hip hop feel to electronic lounge music featuring vocals from regular Canadian collaborator, Claire Mortifee and Vancouver mainstay MC Moka Only.

The duo, comprised of producers Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical, had originally created a buzz through their previous internet releases with Canadian net-label Jellyfish Recordings but have moved over to the Brooklyn-based Bastard Jazz Recordings to gain some broader exposure and to continue pumping out their unique brand of synth-jazz-hip hop music.

The first track and the EP’s namesake, Kosmichemusik is a whirring synth filled instrumental piece that utilizes a strong and consistent hip hop base line as a backdrop for the synthesized acrobatics that play out over the top. It Gets Good featuring the vocal stylings of Moka Only harkens back to old school hip hop, uncomplicated rhythms creating a seamless groove. Listen to this track while you’re cooking your favorite meal, volume on high and a warm breeze wafting through your kitchen, double thumbs up. Claire Mortifee’s voice is a beautiful soulful and quirky accompaniment to the funky and fresh production that bubbles underneath in their third track, Blossoms.

Love Hz is entirely instrumental featuring crisp drumbeats, jazz keyboards and ghostly vocal stabs, a great tune to create some laidback swagger on your way to a music festival this summer. Kosmichemusik‘s penultimate track, Back to My Shit, features the recognisable rhymes of Frank Nitt also known as Frank’n’Dank who have collaborated numerous times with the late J. Dilla. This Detroit duo rubs their authentic street flavor all over this track spinning rhymes on breakups and redemption to the synth-heavy production by Potatohead People. Journey is a smooth finish to the EP, beat heavy with synthesized strings and sharp drums, this six track EP is concluded in a manner that is recognisably their own, a fusion of genres with an understated cool.

With a wide range of their tracks available online, check out their BandCamp and SoundCloud pages, Potatohead people provide you with the ultimate chill out music over Christmas. The perfect accompaniment to a digesting Christmas feast.