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Introducing The Beaches, the band burning your dick pics

Meet The Beaches, a Canadian tour-de-force tackling all the right issues.

Their latest track Snake Tongue flips a huge middle finger to unwanted advances and any guys with snake tongues “stuck between two fingers shaped like a V.”

Canadian power group The Beaches are making waves across the world with their punchy hooks and witty lyricism. It’s a sound we can get around in absolutely every way.

“Stop sending me all your dick picks they are boring me to pieces,” goes the anthemic hook that sails in midway through Snake Tongue. It’s an illuminating portrait of the regular sexism experienced by females in the music industry.

The whole song is just one ultra catchy line after the next, each packed with personality and meaning. “Just because I have this fresh face, doesn’t mean I wanna taste your toothpaste.”

We caught up with lead singer and songwriter Jordan Miller to chat about the clip.

“We love the video so much and are so happy with how it turned out. Ally Pankiw, the director, had the great idea to intercut images of girls destroying images of unwanted male gaze throughout the video. I personally loved seeing all the beautiful and powerful images of girls tearing up flowers, burning love letters and dick pics, and smashing perfume bottles.”

It certainly resonates throughout the track, culminating in one of the greatest scenes in any music video; a group of girls setting fire to polaroids of dicks. Guitarist Leandra Earl left us with a simple warning, “Creeps beware!”

On the songs conception, Miller states “I went for a walk around the block to think about what else I could write about and some dick started to follow and harass me. It was super annoying, but it got me thinking about some of the creepy experiences we’ve faced as a band and as young women with harassment and unwanted male attention.”

Produced by the band’s longtime collaborator Jacknife Lee (The Killers, U2, Weezer), it’s no wonder Snake Tongue is such a rocking success. Furthermore The Beaches have signed to Dew Process, so there’s plenty more greatness to come from these rock reclaimers and we can’t wait until they hit Australian shores.


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May 8, 2019