Introducing The Grogans, the surf-blues band that can’t sit still

Melbourne trio The Grogans have been productive this year. Back in June, the band released Grogan Grove, eight tracks of catchy surf rock recorded in a haunted house down in coastal Victoria. Now the band are back with their sophomore release of 2018, an EP titled Washed Out/Ride. 

The Grograns’ infectious blend of surf rock, dirty punk and laid back reggae will have you itching for warmer days and balmy nights.

Washed Out is a dreamy surf song about feeling so overwhelmed by your own thoughts that your mind is, well, washed out. Its cruisy riffs are very Grogan-esque; the band know how to evoke a sense of welcomed aimlessness, everyone’s favourite summer mood.

The EP’s second track, Ride, is a fuzzy, lo-fi, bluesy gem. Ride details the arduous task of tracking down a venue owner for unpaid show fees, something all bands can relate to.

The band are taking their new EP on the road for an east coast tour, stretching from Melbourne to Sydney via Geelong, Rye, Mildura and Wollongong. The Grogans, it seems, can’t sit still; they’re already making plans-post EP tour.

” [We’ll] pretty much get this tour done then play a few more shows around the place. We’re also going to plan out another release – maybe even an album? – we have previously just thrown together the songs we like the most onto an EP and then release that, but ideally next release we’ll sit down and write it out as an album. We’re planning on taking our time with it.”

The band won’t rest until they’ve shared the stage with Justin Timberlake:

“We’ve sent him a few messages already, he hasn’t replied yet though. He’s brought sexy back and it’s here to stay”

Perhaps they’ll tour together one day. Until then, catch them at any of the shows listed below:

The Grogans East Coast Tour Dates

NOV 22 – Baha, Rye w/Foolish Boys + Flimsey Lohan
Tickets available here

NOV 23 – Geelong, Barwon Club w/Auntie Leo & the Backstabbers + Foolish Boys
Tickets available here

NOV 30 – Sydney, The Unicorn Hotel w/Crushed Tinniez
Tickets available here

DEC 1 – Wollongong, Frank’s Wild Years w/Wavevom + Scab Baby
Tickets available here

DEC 7 – Mildura, Regional Warp (Festival) w/The Belair Lip Bombs + Loose Bricks + Mona Bay
Tickets available here

DEC 15 – Melbourne (U/18), Record Paradise (FREE SHOW)
Tickets available here

DEC 15 – Melbourne, The Toff w/Auntie Leo & the Backstabbers + Bleach
Tickets available here