Introducing the hypnotic, groove-laden rock n’ roll of Auckland’s Racing

Auckland-based four-piece Racing take rock n’ roll and inject it with a chemical haze of hypnotic and groovy dancefloor beats that’ll leave you satisfied yet wanting more.

Following the release of their 2017 EP The Bass, the band released their acclaimed self-produced debut album Real Dancing in November last year, and it’s real good.

Get acquainted with Auckland-based four-piece Racing, as their debut album Real Dancing takes you on a rollercoaster of danceable beats with a generous dose of cool rock ‘n’ roll swagger.

Racing was formed after vocalist Ed Knowles and guitarist Sven Patterson’s band The Checks broke up. The Checks were a NZ success story: the school band from Devonport which reached the finals of a talent contest and went on to secure a four-album deal with Sony, touring with the likes of Oasis, The Hives, REM, AC/DC, The Killers, and Muse.

The Checks split up five years ago but their offspring band is Racing – a hybrid of three different bands. Made up of ex-Checks members Knowles and Patterson, along with bassist Dan Barrett and drummer Izaak Houston; Racing’s sound is a unique brand of hypnotic, groove-laden rock ‘n’ roll. Their individuality stems from a diverse range of influences, ranging from The Rolling Stones to Jamiroquai, Van Morrison and Donna Summer.

Racing effortlessly glide over a number of styles throughout their debut album Real Dancing, from heavy driving guitar riffs to indie-dance bangers and disco-infused pop numbers. Despite the varying musical influences and sounds, there is no disconnect in Real Dancing, every track compliments the other in what comes together to form the band’s signature style; one that can’t be pigeon-holed into a single genre.

According to Ed Knowles, the band likes “hypnotic music. Rhythms and grooves that get stuck in your head and then go deeper and get stuck in your body. There is something primal about how people react to these types of songs because everybody in the crowd ends up moving in the same way, like instinctively we all understand it, how it makes us feel part of something bigger, collectively.”

The band writes their songs to be performed and perfected on stage. More than anything, their music feels like an invitation to go and see them live. “Playing live is important because of what performance can do for the audience. To see music performed by people who want to perform, who have something to say, or a vibe to impress upon you is intoxicating and good for the soul,” says lead singer Ed Knowles.

Having millions of views on the internet is great but the real deal has always been what have you got on the stage, what can you offer the people? What can you do for the dude holding a beer down the back? I think people are hungry for something de-pixelated. Playing live for us is what it’s all about and we value it highly.” 

Racing are an explosive live act with the kind of swagger and sex only associated with the most iconic of rock and roll bands. They’re set to play their first Australian show at Sydney’s legendary Oxford Art Factory next Thursday the 25th July.

If you wanna check out what’s sure to be one epic live show, you can purchase tickets here.