Introducing the powerful and melancholic folk of Tuvaband

When Tuvaband emerged in 2016 as a two-piece, the duo immediately earned themselves a substantial international following with their seemingly flawless debut single Unknown.

Currently sitting with over fifteen million streams on Spotify, the track illuminated Tuvaband’s songwriting capabilities to a broad audience. Now Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser finds herself on her own, and thriving all the same with delicate yet powerful vocal performances and carefully considered instrumentation.

Endearing and melancholic, the powerful sounds of Norwegian singer-songwriter Tuvaband will flutter around your head and whisper each lyric over your shoulder.

Tuvaband delivers her melancholic brand of folk with an endearing inwardness it’s impossible not to find yourself captivated by.

Growing up in Oslo, Norway, the singer says she’s “always had an urge to make weird, loud sounds,” though she didn’t begin making music until reaching the age of 21.

Having previously been influenced by such indie-folk artists as Bon Iver, Alice Boman, Lisa Cranner and Kurt Vile, the Norwegian artist weaves together a range of genres to craft a sound that belongs entirely to herself.

In 2017 my taste for music slowly changed during the year… While working on the sound and production of my debut album I’ve been listening a lot of albums by Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse and various artists,” Marschhäuser says.

As I still like to make minimalistic songs, it’s more about the details of the sound and production rather than in the songwriting.

With a full-length album due out later in the year, Tuvaband has already released the first two singles; Horses and He Was In His Bubble.

On the more recent of the two, He Was In His Bubble, Tuvaband dances through stunning, lo-fi keys with blissfully layered vocal tracks. The song flutters around your head, and whispers each lyric over your shoulder.

Most of the songs on the album are about group mentality and feeling alienated. These are thoughts and feelings that has been piling up over a long period, over years. A lot of observations and frustrations.”

While the tracks on the record have an airy, minimalist feel, the singer believes “the songs have way much more energy” when played live.

During parts of the live set I almost feel like I play in a punk band, or shoegaze band, but with no drums.”

Though Tuvaband’s songs thrive in their simplicity and introspective nature, the melancholic tones and weighty lyricism will rope you in and hold you close.


If you’re keen to hear more from Tuvaband, be sure to keep an ear out for their next single on July 13th.