Tuvaband proclaim a crucial environmental message in their ambient new single Trees

Tuvaband, a lo-fi vocal project which splits its time between England and Norway, have dropped their blissful new single Trees.

Following on from the out-of-nowhere success of their debut single Unknown, it’s one we’ve been hanging out for. It’s not too often that a new band can conjure ten million streams out of their first release, so it’s pretty clear this duo from the north are doing something right.

tuvaband trees

Blending in flawless production with an even more perfect vocal, Tuvaband are taking flight on Trees. And not for the first time.

While an acoustic guitar was undoubtedly the central instrument in their breakout hit UnknownTrees sees Tuvaband relying instead on softer, more fulfilling ambience. Simon Would’s keys drizzle the track in a pervading mystique, more akin to the background noise you’ll find in a forest than the chord structure of a hit.

Which is fitting, considering Trees harbours an important environmental message.

“We fell trees, we fell people. Cause when we fell, we fall”.

The track draws similarities between humans and wildlife, particularly flora. The lyrics, proudly in front of the mix, proclaim that we should cast our thoughts to what the trees feel, humanise our violence against them, and ultimately think twice about what we’ve done to the natural.

Trees is the first single from Tuvaband’s upcoming EP Mess, due out in November.