Introducing There’s A Tuesday and their sublime debut single ‘Piñata Head’ 

There’s A Tuesday are a brand new indie duo from New Zealand. They were called There’s A Tuesday Between A Monday And Between A Wednesday before “we realised that it was obnoxiously long and for that we are so very sorry.”

There’s absolutely nothing obnoxious about their debut single Piñata Head, though.

there's a tuesday piñata head
Photo: There’s A Tuesday via Facebook

Introducing There’s A Tuesday, a bright new pair of voices out of New Zealand. Their single Piñata Head is a squeaky clean debut, a showcase of the duo’s natural vocal chemistry.

The track feels homely and intimate, Nat and Minnie’s voices harmonising effortlessly. They’ll certainly draw similarities from CLEWS across the pond in Australia, but There’s A Tuesday provoke a slightly more lo-fi feeling on Piñata Head.

Check out the debut single – and an excellent music video to match – for yourself below.

Piñata Head dropped in November 2019 to some local acclaim, scoring listings on local radio stations and a touring spot with NZ indie icons Yumi Zouma. While they haven’t spoken about a follow-up single as of yet, the best we can do is wait very enthusiastically.


Piñata Head is out now.