Radiohead have uploaded a stack of alternate mixes to streaming services

Art rock luminaries Radiohead have released a handful of alternate mixes to various digital streaming platforms.

The tracks became available in Australia this morning (Friday, February 21st) and will grace the rest of the world as streaming services update.


Radiohead have added some alternative mixes to various streaming services, including Treefingers, Talk Show Host, and The Gloaming.

Comprising the list is an extended version of Treefingersthe Nellee Hooper mix of Talk Show Hostand the 33.33333 remix of The Gloaming.

These releases join a host of other mixes that have stepped into the digital realm this year. Their debut EP Drill and TKOL RMX 8 were uploaded in January, which included the Jamie xx remix of Bloom.

Gaining easy access to extra material will surely please fans of the visionary group. They have previously shown distaste at best in offering their music through major online services.

The development has also generated more anticipation around a possible reissue of their classic, groundbreaking album Kid A. This year will mark the 20th anniversary of that record. Naturally, it’s fair to expect the occasion will not go unnoticed. Perhaps a similar treatment to the one OK Computer received for its 20th birthday in 2017 is in order.

In the meantime, we will have to be content with their back catalogue slowly trickling its way into the online sphere.