Radiohead Public Library: a website from the band that hates the internet

Welcome to Radiohead Public Library, an online archive dedicated to the creative pursuits of Radiohead, a band that rose to fame with a song that was blacklisted by BBC Radio 1.

From a band that wiped their internet presence back in 2016 preceding the release of A Moon Shaped Pool, and then uploaded their entire discography to YouTube in 2018, it would be fair to say they’ve had a tumultuous relationship with the internet.

Radiohead Public Library

Radiohead have released a self-proclaimed “incredibly informative” website, a simultaneously modern and nostalgic scroll through their history.

The website was created to “centralise a lot of material that was often shared in low quality, bootleg forms on the web,” according to a press release.

The library is organised into their nine studio albums on different coloured backgrounds, with a navigation bar corresponding to each. The sections include a variety of merchandise, album covers, links to music videos and live coverage, scans of their old newsletters, and rare songs that haven’t been released on streaming services.

A library card is – of course – available in the form of a downloadable image file you can blu-tack to your wall. Or, put in your wallet so you can ‘accidentally’ pull it out and brag about it to all your friends.

The website is more iTunes library than rows of dusty books and records, but this is the digital age! OK Computer? OK.

Explore more of Radiohead in library form here.