Introducing: Tropical Zombie

Step into your latest musical teleportation device – six-piece Sydney based band Tropical Zombie. Mixing their favourite interests like girls, earth, booze and teleportation with some jungle vibes, these party-makers have made a bunch of cool tropical tunes to marinate in your eardrums and transport you to an imaginary island paradise.

Tropical Zombie

Put down your shotgun and get on your dancing shoes as the undead six man party machine Tropical Zombie serve up their fun blend of surf rock.

Running wild overseas for a while, dual vocalists Rob Swords and Alain De Carne, guitarist Matt Swords, bassist Michael Coughlan, drummer Jonny Lake and percussionist Adam Bird eventually returned to their Sydney digs in 2013. Back on home soil, the long-lost pals decided the time was ripe to blend all their bands together and awaken their very own fun new noise.

Floating between indie, garage, reggae and surf rock, their debut self-titled EP raises summery melodies and tribal percussion from the zeniths of your faraway island sanctuary. With the bongo drums flowing, these are the kind of beats humans and zombies alike can dance and sing along to whenever they damn well feel like it.

Bubbling with party vibes, tropical indie rock track Reckless Youth whisks you away to your imaginary island paradise. Bursting with sun-kissed guitar licks and starry-eyed tribal calls, it’s the perfect tune to throw on when you want to float away. Latest single, Laid Back Lady, then slips on a more upbeat melody, bouncing from sunny rock to calypso blues. But, by far the most chilled out beat is garage pop tune Laced in the Water. Making ripples with its balmy harmonies and reggae rhythms, if you’re not sipping on a coconut by the end of this track then you must be a zombie or something.

Headlining their own east Ccoast tour, playing at the Mountain Sounds Festival, Gumball Festival, Official Tracks Magazine Parties and Splendour In The Grass, as well as doing a ton of shows throughout Europe, these party animals are ripping up the jungle scene. Heading into summer, they’re playing at a heap more festivals, including the Festival of the Sun and Mountain Sounds. So, grab your tickets now and step into this tropical musical teleportation device because your imaginary island paradise awaits!