Single Premiere: YEEVS – Chunk

These guys will not only serve you a wholesome and bloody good serving of a raw and meaty track, high in iron* and energy, but also take a ‘chunk’  from you as you become consumed in this head banging corker of a rock hit. Their act of giving and taking means a healthy dose of YEEVS will create this necessary balance in your life – they are well-rounded with their diverse experience, uniqueness and influences. Do you need any more convincing of their potential rapport with you? yeevs

Sydney’s YEEVS’ latest single Chunk is a fully fledged punk-rock accomplishment. More grungier and aggressive than the last, these boys are only getting bigger and bolder.

Sydney trio YEEVS have just released their second single, Chunk, following a great response from their debut, Speakin’ Some Sense. With a promise of more attitude, more grunt, more fierceness, Chunk is another solid and rivetingly accomplished punk-rock track. With Brad Cork on vox and guitar and Sean Lees on bass, both from Bradley Cork and the Folklore Mantra, and Tom Bamford from Bird with Thumbs on drums, it’s no surprise where the band gets their robust and confident indie-rock sound, full of unrelenting energy and intense passion you can’t help but want to be a part of.

The band’s alternative folk-rock roots stem from Bradley Cord and the Folklore Mantra, inspired by a sound that screams Smashing Pumpkins meets Fleetwood Mac. Perhaps the grunginess of YEEVS originates from the garage punk essence of Bird with Thumbs – the balance between the genres results in appreciation from both lovers of indie folk-rock and unadulterated rock enthusiasts. YEEVS has demonstrated a raw savageness behind their initial facade – a drive to make your blood boil, with an overarching sense of pleasure to make you simmer down before anything gets too out of hand.

Chunk comes alive with its veins full of electricity, yet remains triumphantly burdened by a heavy-heart. Bradley’s expressive voice, described as distinctively “half-screamed-half-sung”, creates this overall atmosphere of charm and torturedness. The vocals have this unique country/cowboy twang- completely controlled, commanding but never overpowering, and easily unleashes equal amounts of aggressiveness and vulnerability. Full of chugging guitar solos, and unrestrained moments of violent and unison thrashing, you can’t help but feel the past influences in his modern and ever evolving band.

* Hopefully you’ve realised the ‘metallic’ reference in describing their instrumentals :)



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