Introducing Watercolours

Watercolours is the precious and delicate musical baby of Chelsea Jade Metcalf, a solo artist who hails from the watery lands of New Zealand, who splits her time between Auckland and New York*.

watercolours band

Her debut EP Portals was written in between these two great cities, mixed in London and mastered it in Melbourne.  This international, dynamic influence is evident in the soundscape of Portals – whose clean-cut ambiance reeks of understated sophistication.

Chelsea won the VNZMA Critics Choice Award in 2012  (a fine achievement) and has shared stages with Cat Power,  Bloc Party and Broken Social Scene. Her tumblr looks like the pages of RUUSH magazine, as does her album cover. In face, I’m pretty sure she’s the elevator music playing inside the RUUSH girls’ shiny offices (and that is a compliment).

This gal is young, talented, and totally on the money with Portals. After her most recent stint at Auckland’s Laneway, I am willing to stake a bet that shes NZ’s next big thang.

‘Ave a listen!

*Of course she does – Ed