Is 360 a satirical genius or trainwreck rapper? Watch his cover of Drake’s Hotline Bling and make a decision

Something wonderful has emerged on Aussie rapper 360‘s Facebook page overnight – a recording and accompanying video of himself covering Drake’s Hotline Bling. But it isn’t quite clear if it’s a ruse or not.

360 hotline bling

360 appears to be rapping in earnest with his usual Australian drawl spitting lines like “she introduced me to the friendzone” in place of the Drake’s masterfully crafted “she called me on my cellphone”, interspersed with grainy footage of his topless self dancing or rapping with a mic covering his face (to conceal his laughter – right?).

The whole thing obviously reeks of a piss-take but he’s just so damn convincing in the way he raps that it’s easy enough to think the whole thing is legit. Let’s hope it isn’t the latter.

Check it out here. It’s quality stuff.