Xavier Rudd's Wikipedia page hacked after recent KFC commercial controversy -

Xavier Rudd’s Wikipedia page hacked after recent KFC commercial controversy

After Xavier Rudd found himself in the middle of controversy last month when his popular tune Let Me Be was featured in a KFC television commercial, an anonymous hacker legend has decided to re-light this fire and deface Rudd’s Wikipedia page.


As an avid animal rights and welfare promoter, not to mention vegetarian, it came as a bit of a shock when Rudd’s voice played over commercial featuring a group of people stuffing their faces with fried chicken. Despite the backlash and criticism Rudd received, the singer is still yet to comment, which has inspired someone to edit his Wikipedia profile and seek justice.

One of the edits to the page includes an image that now features a KFC bucket and chips in his live drum setup.


In addition to the picture edits, there has also been a new “Collaboration” section added to the page, which outlines the “second phase” of Rudd’s involvement with KFC, featuring an exclusive range of co-branded products like the “Xinger wheatgrass” combo and the “2 peace box combo”. You can check out the full edits to the page below.

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