Is Aphex Twin revealing what all the cryptic posters mean tonight?

UPDATE: The scheduled announcement on Adult Swim has been pulled after failing to pass the Harding Test for photosensitive epilepsy. Aphex Twin’s announcement will now be premiered online.

Aphex Twin teases new Collapse EP release after sparking speculation with mysterious posters appearing in major cities around the globe.

Last month Aphex Twin had fans excited and confused as cryptic posters were plastered in various locations across London, Turin, Hollywood, and New York City.

Today a new message was posted on the Warp Records Twitter, where the title ‘Collapse EP’ appeared multiple times across the various text clues.

More about the brand new EP will be announced on Adult Swim tonight. The live broadcasting schedule for the announcement will be a five minute segment named “Aphex Twin: Collapse” and will be aired at 1:30 a.m.

Richard D. James’ last EP was 2016’s Cheetah when he returned from his extended hiatus with an evolved, compartmentalised version of his previous sound.

“The released showed a simpler side of his music, with slower tempos and spine-tinglingly rich tunes and timbres.”

An Aphex Twin radio documentary was also released recently by BBC Radio 4 and delved into the Richard D. James’ mythology and the ‘Cult of the Aphex Twin’.

“Aphex Twin is a product of the Cornish myth-making tradition.”

The documentary highlights the ‘seeds of mystique’ Aphex Twin has sown over his highly successful career spanning over multiple decades.

Last year, he launched a streaming site that included expanded versions of previously released records and tracks available for online purchase including albums like Syro and Drukqs, as well as a number of tracks that are labeled ‘New.’

In 2017 Aphex Twin also dropped progressive singles 4xAtlantis take 1 and Korg fun 5.