Career-spanning Aphex Twin archive appears online, featuring over 40 unreleased tracks

It’s insane how Aphex Twin has spent 2017 going from relative (perhaps self-inflicted) obscurity to the forefront of dance music’s consciousness once again.

The latest move from Richard D. James is another royal flush. The Aphex corner of Warp Records’ website has been updated with a huge archive and online record store, featuring over 20 years of releases from Aphex Twin and James’ various aliases, including AFX, Polygon Window, GAK and The Tuss.

aphex twin archive warp records website record store field day

The ultimate tool for AFX junkies has arrived: a career-spanning Aphex Twin archive, available to browse for free via Warp Records.

You’ll be able to grab vinyl reissues of Aphex classics …I Care Because You Do and The Richard D. James Album, alongside more recent efforts Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2, Syro and the Cheetah EP.

What’s extra juicy is the digital side of the archive. A cohort of previously unavailable WAV files are now downloadable, including the tunes from Aphex Twin’s mysterious Field Day vinyl. Bonus tracks, demos and alternative mixes from Come To DaddyDrukqs, Syro, Windowlicker and a few other throwbacks are also available digitally.

Best part is, you can listen to it all for free online!

Check out everything the new store has to offer right here.

Via FACT Mag.