Cancel your weekend plans: Aphex Twin will stream his set from Field Day London live

Richard D. James, better known by his mysterious musical moniker Aphex Twin, has spent the better part of 30 years crafting a cult of personality by revealing… almost nothing. While James has pushed out a ton of music to date, he has personally remained very cryptic, swathed in pseudo-anonymity.

Which is why today’s news has got me so damn excited. At this year’s Field Day in London, the headline set from Aphex Twin will be streamed live across the web via NTS Radio.

aphex twin live stream nts radio field day festival

Cancel your Saturday plans, Aphex Twin will stream a set live for the first time ever, straight from the stage at Field Day London.

And this ain’t your average Facebook live stream. Longtime Aphex Twin visual collaborator Weirdcore will adapt the show’s live visuals into a “a bespoke online visual immersion,” according to a press release. So expect some fucking weird shit.

Last year Aphex Twin released the Cheetah EP, but all has been quiet on the front since. Let’s hope the hype around this performance, and indeed James getting back on the tour bus, is a sign of more to come.

Aphex Twin will be playing at 8:55pm local time on Saturday the 3rd, which is 5:55am Australian Eastern Standard time. Ouch.

Totally worth it though, right?

Catch the stream here. 

Richard D. James recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of his debut album Selected Ambient Works 85-92. Read our feature on the record here.