Watch 42 minutes of Tyler, The Creator wackiness in the new Cherry Bomb documentary

It’s hard not to like Tyler, The Creator. Whether he’s writing theme tunes with Bill Nye or strutting his latest record Cherry Bomb onstage, he’s pretty much the closest thing we’ll ever get to a human cartoon character, and you gotta love him for that.

In 2015, director Mikey Alfred documented the whole, wacky experience Tyler and his friends had while recording the latest LP. Cherry Bomb The Documentary was originally screened in January, but now it’s just become available on Youtube, for all to enjoy.

tyler, the creator cherry bomb the documentary

Ever wanted to sit down and chill with Tyler, The Creator for 42 minutes? Cherry Bomb The Documentary is as close as it gets.

Aside from the usual behind-the-scenes jazz you get in a music doco, you’ll be able to catch a few live performances from Tyler as well as appearances from Kanye West, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean, and Hans Zimmer.

Check out the full documentary below.

Via Pitchfork.