Beep, buzz and bop along to this cover of Feel Good Inc. on floppy discs and hard drives

This year Gorillaz released their massive new album, over 20 tracks of Albarn bliss called Humanz. When I’ve chatted to people about it, the reviews have been mixed – something I’ve heard too often is “Where is the Feel Good Inc. of this album?” 

Opinions on the new album aside, it’s a killer track and probably the worldwide favourite from the animated band. Today we bring you a cover of that song, and it’s not from a real band either.

feel good inc. floppy discs gorillaz

How on earth did this dude pull this off? Watch as a genius Youtuber covers Feel Good Inc. on nothing but old computer hardware.

You’ve gotta suss out this dude Pawel Zadrozniak. A Youtuber who seemingly dedicates his life to recreating iconic tunes on a scrambled mess of hard drives, floppy discs and other computational gadgets, it’s definitely a channel you’ll get lost in for hours.

Kinda gives new meaning to the term ‘hardware synth‘, doesn’t it?

After you catch the Feel Good Inc. cover below, I personally recommend the versions of Seven Nation Army  and, of course, All Star.

Via Stoney Roads.