Mr. Touchy the custom poly synth may have a creepy name but he’s a little cutie

We love synths, and if you’re brave enough to design and build one yourself, we love you. Mr. Touchy is the name of the new gadget designed by Otem Rellik, featuring two touch pads from a Nintendo DS.

A drum machine and a poly synth bundled into one, Mr. Touchy is handheld, free-to-build piece of hardware which honestly, we’re pretty tempted to build ourselves.

Mr. Touchy poly synth

Portable, stylish and featuring parts from an old Nintendo DS, Mr. Touchy is the tight-knit custom synth you’ll want to build yourself.

Tiny synths are everywhere right now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for innovation, as proved by this instrument hacked together with old Nintendo DS parts.

Otem Rellik’s latest creation is a polyphonic synth and drum machine in one, created with two screens from the handheld console and 3D-printed parts.

The synth has been programmed using the open-source Teensy platform, and the code is freely available at GitHub, with the files to print your own Mr. Touchy parts at Thingiverse. – FACT Mag.