Do NOT try this at home: the one-off synth module that produces sound from radiation

In the world of modular synthesisers nothing is off-limits and the stranger and more creative your unique module is, the better.

There’s some pretty wild stuff out there created and shared amongst tech-savvy synth tinkerers, but this one could be the crown jewel of them all. Using the clicks of a geiger counter, David Cranmer has created a module which produces sound from radiation.

The module produces some pretty whack sounds, but there’s a surprising rhythm to it all.

geiger counter synth david cranmer

Do not try this at home. David Cranmer has invented a one-off geiger counter synth module which converts radiation into sound.

If you’re wondering how an average joe like Cranmer got his hands on a jar of uranium ore, fair enough. Turns out you can buy the stuff yourself on Amazon, which is kinda dodgy but it did make this synth happen, so there’s that.

For the record, Happy does not condone the use of uranium for any purpose that doesn’t involve room-sized modular synthesisers.

If you’re keen on some other musical mad scientist creations, the rest of Cranmer’s Youtube channel is mint material. Follow through on the video above for everything from MIDI controlled light installations to sound-reactive ferrofluid and loads more modular goodness.

Via Fact Mag.