Watch Rigby and Mordecai jam with a laser-breathing synth dragon in The Regular Show’s most awesome clip ever

It’s rare that a cartoon made for kids is even more enjoyable for adults watching, and there are only a select few that get it so right it hurts. The Regular Show occupies that unreachable tier of cartoon genius, the adventures of Rigby and Mordecai often being just as joyful to fully grown man-children than their toddling counterparts.

While it’s almost unbearable that the series will be finishing this month, the creators are going out with a bang, launching a series of Minisodes before they cut the cord, each being more awesome than the last.

The truth is, we’ve been waiting too long to find an excuse to cover The Regular Show on Happy. Thanks to a skit that’s all too relatable for the synth addicted cosmic jammer, it’s finally time.

regular show

Watch Rigby and Mordecai jam on space synths with a cosmic piano dragon in undoubtedly the most awesome clip from The Regular Show yet.

Any synth owner will know the joys of impromptu jams – loud synth sessions have been proven to drown out the drone of crippling debt earned by too many eBay and Gumtree purchases.

Rigby and Mordecai’s love for the jam is profound. While we may be mad jealous of their funky spaceship… respect.