New research out of Russia reveals techno music helps to grow test tube babies

Techno music has already granted us with the feeling of transcendent euphoria, but it seems this budding genre is the gift that keeps on giving.

New research out of crazy old Moscow suggests that techno music helps test tube babies grow at a faster rate to those embryos left in silence.


A Russian study has confirmed what we all suspected: techno music is a life-giving substance which helps babies grow.

Russian scientists at Altravita IVF clinic in Moscow played A State of Trance by DJ Armin Van Buuren, non stop next to 758 eggs in a petri dish. We shall refer to this group as the Techno Eggs. The chosen song is known for its fast pace and repetitive beat.

Meanwhile, another group of 758 eggs were left in stark silence.

By the end of the groundbreaking study, more than a fifth of the Techno Eggs were viable embryos. While the other eggs grew, their potential for a successful implanted pregnancy was poor.

“It is likely the music, known for its repetitive beats, helps to replicate the naturally dynamic environment an egg would naturally develop in” University of Oxford professor Dagan Wells says.

The study led by the legendary Alex Biryukov, shows that the beat, much like fluid, helps to keep harmful chemicals moving. These staggering findings were presented at the Fertility 2017 conference in Edinburgh.

So basically techno resembles the womb?

“It’s a fun piece of research but it seems to be telling us something really useful about how embryos grow” Wells explains.

Who knew a dirty bass could result in the formation of one of the most innocent creatures on earth: a new born baby. It goes to show opposites really do attract.

Source: Daily Mail