Watch a street percussionist in Paris slay an absolutely lethal techno set on nothing but pots and pans

Dario Rossi began studying the drums at the age of 10, eventually taking a serious interest in banging on just about anything. Pots, pans, sheets of metal and empty drums of paint all produce a unique sound, and he’s the master of them all.

He’s now known by millions around the world for his street performances, rave sets and festival appearances. Above you can see him in full flight last year in Paris, thrashing out a brutal percussive set in front of a small crowd.

It’s techno, without a single mote of technology, industrial on a whole new level. Not to mention his rhythm is in likely better shape than half the DJs on the circuit today.

Dario Rossi

Who needs a kick when you have an empty paint bucket? Before buying yourself a new kit, watch Dario Rossi take a percussive techno set to the next level.

It’s proof that field recordings are still a sick option when it comes to finding percussion samples for your track. Rossi’s used oven dish sounds as good as any hi-hat, his buckets make some vicious kick sounds and those woks are absolutely nuts.

One man’s trash is Dario Rossi’s treasure, and what a treasure he is.

Check out more of his work on his YouTube channel.