Here’s to the nineties! Rage has dedicated the whole month of June to your favourite decade of music

What would our Saturday mornings have been without Rage?

Well mine were pretty boring because I grew up without TV, but none the less it was the 90s and the next best thing to the self serve lolly section at Kmart was waking up from a sleepover and watching Rage on the living room floor.

Well the 90s are in full swing this June as Rage showcases the very best of the decade for the whole month.

Yep think Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, Spice Girls, Nirvana and Daft Punk. It’s your childhood returned to you after the noughties stole your soul.

Rage’s Vault section (running from 8.30am) program will run in three sections:

  1. The Best Australian songs of the 90s
  2. The Best Overlooked Tracks of the 90s
  3. The Best Female artists of the 90s

Each featuring the bangin’ music videos that defined an era and indeed the musical upbringing of the better generation. Strap yourselves in and get ready to go back to a simpler time, even better if you can eat a mini packet of Fruitloops with a sippahh straw and flick through Total Girl at the same time.

Now if only we could bring back Cheez TV…

Via Music Feeds.