Rage Against The Machine could be making a comeback, and not a minute too soon!

It’s no secret that the world and its self appointed leader, the USA are experiencing political and social turmoil. Hardship and disparity have never been more rife and are reminiscent of the civil struggles that rap rock icons, Rage Against The Machine brought to our attention with tidal wave force in the 90’s.


Rage Against The Machine were famous in the 90’s for their powerful anti-systematic views and rap rock gems, now the icons have hinted at some new activity

Right now, the world could really use their brand of ferocious activism and our prayers may have finally been answered with the mysterious #TAKETHEPOWERBACK hashtag surfacing online in recent hours. The internet world is going into hyperdrive with speculation of what the hashtag could mean when it was released as a part of a minimal website, recently. The site contains some original artwork and a countdown timer set at about a week away, and that’s about it.

The hashtag refers to a track of the band’s, Take The Power Back which protested inequality in government systems and brought to light some of the issues sprouting like weeds every day from massive corporate entities that are taking responsibility for the world.

With old Trumpy at large, climate change on the brink of havoc and inequality as ferocious as ever, we could do with some high profile protest from Zach de la Rocha and crew. Speculation is that the band will announce a tour or new music but, whatever it is, it’s gonna be good.

No word yet from the band themselves, but something is coming, and we’re excited.