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Not even Trump’s wall could stop the savagery of A Gazillion Angry Mexicans

a gazillion angry mexicans all my friends are dead melbourne band happy mag

Hard rock needs to pull punches, to inspire a chaotic fire in its listeners. I’ve gotta say, after trudging my way through the work of A Gazillion Angry Mexicans, I wanna head out and break something.

The four-piece out of Melbourne moves with more forward momentum than a freight train, where the vocal is a savage conductor, the percussion is a set of steaming pylons and the coal room is fiery, three-way brawl between guitar, bass and guitar. Get some.

a gazillion angry mexicans all my friends are dead melbourne band happy mag

Grungey, filthy and soaked in a little bit of stoner steeze, A Gazillion Angry Mexicans aren’t slowing down with their latest All My Friends Are Dead.

The Melbournites swung into action back in 2013, recording a couple of vicious cuts for their debut EP Juan, Two, Three, Four which released the following year. They’ve been kicking around their city’s grimiest underground gigs since then, letting loose a trail of destruction wherever they tread.

And don’t let the zany band or EP name deflect you, these guys are the real deal. To prove they’re not mucking around, I present their latest cut, All My Friends Are Dead.

A bareknuckle boxing match set beneath a sleeping city is an image that sits at the very soul of this track; it’s even heavier than what A Gazillion Angry Mexicans usually go for and the band’s feverish performance in the clip reflects it.

Satanic backups drag the song to the depths of hell, pitting the chorus against the verse in a ring with no rules. Right as you think you’re not going to come out of this track alive, a hard catharsis comes in through the slower paced bridge.

By the time All My Friends Are Dead closes, you’ll need a few bandages. Probably a cigarette, too.

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Bands like A Gazillion Angry Mexicans, I find, are amongst the most reliable to see live. Heavy acts with a couple of members never disappoint, there’s something about having the thunder of a drive-drenched riff drill into your brain which is almost therapeutic. They represent a release we don’t often feel, something primal.

If you’re quick (and happen to live in Bendigo), then tonight’s the night to catch them at Musicman Megastore. Otherwise, the band will be rolling like a storm up the east coast in August.

Catch the dates and deets below.

Jul 21 – Musicman Megastore – Bendigo, VIC – Event
Aug 9 – Brighton Up Bar – Sydney, NSW – Event
Aug 11 – Cherry Bar – Melbourne, VIC – Event
Aug 12 – Sonny’s House of Blues – Brisbane, QLD – Event


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July 21, 2017

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