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Is Apple bringing Live Loops to Logic Pro X?

In a now-deleted image on Apple’s education page, the creators of Logic Pro X appear to be remodelling the workflow of the popular DAW. A screenshot of the image from Reddit appears to be an overhaul of Logic’s interface, with a design that closely resembles the Live Loops grid found in the GarageBand iOS app.

GarageBand’s Live Loops grid is Apple’s version of the clip-launching functionality popularised by Ableton Live. Launched in the iOS version of GarageBand in 2016, the feature has not yet appeared in any version of Logic.Logic Live Loops

Briefly appearing online, Apple seem to be considering an update to Logic Pro X, integrating GarageBand’s Live Loops functionality.

Live Loops revolves around creating music by tapping cells and columns in a grid to trigger different looped instruments and samples. Live Loops includes a library of Apple-designed loops in multiple genres, or you can create your own. Currently, the only way to use Live Loops in Logic is to share a Live Loops project from GarageBand iOS, but this comes with much less functionality.

If Apple is indeed adding Live Loops to Logic, it will likely expand on the functionality of the iOS version. Apple tends to update Logic Pro X around every three months, and with the previous update coming about three months ago, it seems likely that another update is on its way.

Earlier this week, Apple announced a 90 day free trial of Logic Pro X.