Is your idea of a good time a mini riot in the mosh? Get on board with Bottlecaps

Every now and then a band appears from the woodworks of the Aussie music scene that will take you back to a time of local music’s past. Melbourne punk outfit Bottlecaps will do just that. On first listen they’ll transport you back to the time you heard the likes of One Dollar Short, Bodyjar or Frenzal Rhomb for the first time, and you’ll fast become addicted to the punk rock party filling your ears.

Bottlecaps punk rock

Far superior to the Carlton Draught kind with shitty trivia on the inside, Melbourne’s Bottlecaps are a raucous of a good time.

Hailing from Melbourne, bass player Timmy, drummer Justin and power-chord and vocal legends Kyns-Lee and Ian will have you looking up their tour dates before you’ve finished listening to Space Cadet, the opening track of their debut EP of the same name. Their clip for the track is a day-in-the-life of a band watching, game playing, street-walking, river-diving astronaut and is a little insight into the not-so-serious attitude of the band. As punk rock as they are, this tune is seriously catchy and I guarantee you’ll have it on repeat.

Bottlecaps are a self proclaimed ‘raw, stripped back, no holds barred punk rock moment in time’, and having been added to triple J’s Short Fast Loud playlist it’s a safe bet that they’ll be climbing the ropes of the wider Australian punk rock scene pretty fast. Living Up, the second tune on their EP available now on Bandcamp, is less of a party tune and more of a middle-finger-in-the-air solute, true to their roots.

Bottlecaps are for fans of anything from early NOFX and Rancid right through to fans of the latest Stray From The Path album, and I’m calling it now, they should be representing Australian punk rock in international waters by the end of the year.

The band have been on a pretty extensive touring schedule across Melbourne in recent months playing with the likes of Dead Joe, The Suicide Tuesdays and Bad Shades. These guys have been growing their audience one beer fueled show at a time so I strongly suggest you keep your eyes peeled for a gig near you, because if the YouTube clips are anything to go by, the shows will be an absolute riot (albeit a much more PG rated riot than their punk pioneers).

If you can’t see a show listed in your city, send them a message telling them to get to you soon! These guys are definitely a band to watch, but more importantly a band to support so send them a message and get on their merch store to buy that cute little angry beer bottle shirt design!