Viva l’Italia! Italy to decriminalise small-scale cannabis growth at home

Italy’s Lower House justice committee has pulled through by approving reforms that will allow small cannabis growth at home.

It’s not like laws have ever stopped anyone from growing their own cannabis, but it does feel more relaxing to be formally permitted to do so. The Italian reform will decriminalise the growth of up to four female (il bud) cannabis plants at home.

However, it also increases the penalties for crimes linked to trafficking and dealing of cannabis from six years up to ten years.

italy cannabis
Image: UKCSC

This is huge step of progress considering the history of Italy’s drug laws.

The criminalisation of ‘soft drugs’ such as cannabis and its variants (like hash) has a lengthy history in the European hot spot. In the 1940s-60s, Italy was one of the world’s top producers of hemp to then become a country where the cultivation of hemp, plus its possession, sale, and use was severely sanctioned.

Cut to the 21st century circa 2006 where the law named Fini-Giovanardi went into effect, meaning Italian courts did not differentiate between ‘soft’ drugs and ‘hard’ drugs when sanctioning drug-related charges. As a result, the recommended sentence for cannabis-related chargers was six to twenty years in prison.

In 2014, the Fini-Giovanardi law was deemed unconstitutional which in turn reactivated the the original ‘Consolidated Law’ into prominence once again.

Each year 60,000 people are incarcerated in Italy, and one third are imprisoned on drug-related charges. Police reported in 2019 that approximately 41,744 Italians to the Prefect are drug users – 78 per cent of them for using cannabis and/or its derivatives.

Not all Italian politicians endorse the drug prohibition of the country though. A former member of Parliament, Rita Bernardini, who is now a member of Italy’s left-leaning Radical Party stated:

“Italy’s approach to drugs is completely anti-scientific and obtuse.”

Radical Party has long been fighting for the legalisation and regulation of all drugs. So I guess this reform is a little step into a (scientific) and better Italy? Grow some Italian bush, stay outta trouble, enjoy your cultivations, make good food, and you’re set.

Viva L’Italia, always.

Just imagine the possibilities… having your own golden Sicilian garden rich with veggies, flowers, and cannabis, adorned by the Mediterranean sun kissing your skin while you float on air.

And, of course, the immense possibilities of top-tier munchies – delicious and actually quite simple, A.K.A, it’s much easier to make when you’re high.