It’s business time: Flight of the Conchords are coming back to TV!

After hinting at a return last week, Flight of the Conchords have officially confirmed that they will be releasing an hour-long comeback special on HBO this May.

Flight of The Conchords

Flight of the Conchords have announced an hour-long comeback special to air on HBO this May!

According to HBO, the show will be taped during one of their performances in the UK in March during the duo’s “Flight of the Conchords Sing Flight of the Conchords Tour”, where they are set to perform their classics, plus some new material.

Last week, one half of the duo, Jemaine, told ET,  “we’re going to film a little something this year. We’re going to shoot an hour thing.” But HBO did not confirm whether they would be airing the return.

The original Flight Of The Conchords series aired on HBO in 2007 and finished up in 2009 after two seasons. Their last album, I Told You I Was Freaky, was released that same year and fans have been eagerly awaiting a return ever since.