These nugshots were made to “look cool when you’re high”

Smoking weed can make shit look beautiful. Anyone who’s stared too long at a pretty tree, a sunset or the pattern on your bathroom wall while absolutely wiped can attest to that.

Yet the natural aesthetic allure of a cheeky nug is too often overlooked. It’s something photographer David Brandon Geeting wanted to highlight in his campaign with Los Angeles cannabis suppliers Pure Beauty.

Put this in your pipe and smoke it.

David Brandon Geeting nug nugs weed photography pure beauty
All photos: David Brandon Getting / Pure Beauty

Nugs, glorious nugs: David Brandon Geeting finds the pure beauty in chunks of cannabis with this treat of a photo session.

The only thing that’s better than these photos, I’ve decided, with what David had to say about them. Speaking to It’s Nice That, he mentioned that the concept of the shoot was to “create imagery that looks cool when you’re high”. 

Fresh. He also added “I will say that using the product while shooting the product was a big help.”

With or without the nugs, it’s a fantastically surreal photo series. Oils, fire, smoke and bright colour may seem like obvious choice for a weed photoshoot but hey, maybe that’s cause they just look groovy.

Check out the shots below.

Via It’s Nice That.