It’s good time rock n roll with Gospel from The Pretty Littles

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This five-lettered colloquialism is the first thing that jumped to mind when I threw on Gospel, the new mini-album from indie slackers The Pretty Littles. While on the surface it’s a bit rough, and even a little lazy, Gospel is in many ways the essence the classic Australian identity. It’s direct, authentic and totally honest to intentions, no sugar coating.

The Pretty Little LP

Sink a few beers with your mates and soak in the fun rock n roll vibes of Gospel from The Pretty Littles. Short, tight and powerful, you can’t ask for more.

The Pretty Littles have clearly poured buckets of sweat, blood and other bodily fluids into this album. Recorded intermittently over a six-month period with help from Vasco Era producer Neil Gray, Gospel’s eight short tracks really put the bands growth on show. You can basically taste the sweat of the front row punters from every sold-out shows and you can definitely smell the mate-ship the guys shared with headline acts like The Vasco Era, The Mess Hall, The Cribs, The Smith Street Band and Bad//Dreems.

The album kicks off with upbeat indie-pop jam Dangerman, setting the album’s tone with a catchy chorus right out of the Hottest 100. This strikes a stark contrast with the next track Sinkin’ Feeling, its burly bass riff burst eardrums while the screeching guitars and gloomy refrain burst any expectations the opening track gave about the rest of the album. We’re flying blind here people!

Ava brings us back to earth in a lot of ways. It’s powerful both musically and lyrically, speaking directly to the human condition and the struggle to keep pushing through despite it all. Man Baby is a beautiful duet about trying to act your age. It is also an opportunity to see the band don full drag for some highly awkward and hilarious daggy dancing.

Local Footy is the beating heart of this album. It’s dripping with broken vocals and an acoustic authenticity that’s impossible to fake. We’re almost thrown out of the album by the closing track Religion Is My Favourite. It yells its message loud and clear through a croaky voice, hoarse with emotion.

The average track length on Gospel hovers around three minutes (no dense, drawn out power ballads here). This is not some high art concept album for your inner Beethoven. It’s a sincere love song to those of us who were lucky enough to grow up in Australia in the early 2000’s – like a big hug from your best mate at the end of a long road trip up the east coast.

Jam it in your car, share it with your mates over a few beers and for god’s sake don’t miss their tour with Melbourne punks Ceres – The Pretty Littles’ total authenticity and phenomenal on stage banter make them one of Melbourne best live bands.

Saturday June 27 – The Tote, Melbourne

Friday July 10 – Factory Floor, Sydney

Saturday July 11 – Crowbar, Brisbane

Friday July 17 – Crown & Anchor, Adelaide

Saturday July 25 – Old Bar, Melbourne

Friday July 31- The Workers Club, Melbourne *GOSPEL LAUNCH SHOW*

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