Hang out with garage synth masters Bachelor Pad

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When the sounds of Nintendo synths are mixed with the sound of passionate young musos making music in their parents garage, you get something that sounds like Sydney band Bachelor Pad. Though they have very much surpassed the level of just being passionate musos making music in their parents garage, Bachelor Pad are gearing up to release their second album this August, with their first single Ever Get The Feeling giving the vibe that this could be the type of record we’ll all be adding to our party playlists.

Bachelor Pad

For some fun video game synths and bristly garage rock, hang out with garage synth masters Bachelor Pad, the lords of Sydney party bands.

In a slightly Foo Fighters style of beginnings, mystery man Huw (singer and guitarist) booked his then non-existent band in for a support slot on his friend’s show and found himself with just a month to form a band that could play the sick beats he’d been creating on his laptop. After bullying the band’s bass player through high school, Huw claims that Tim fell victim to Stockholm Syndrome and agreed to play an instrument he’d never touched before in order make Huw’s music dreams come true. Grace, Huw’s younger sister, joined the band on keys and after their original drummer left to chase his big city dreams in New York, Billy joined and Bachelor Pad was complete. Fiver years on, and Bachelor Pad are ready to release their second album Bachelor Pad Is For The People, which will be their first release in over a year.

Clearly proud of their roots, Bachelor Pad have taken equal parts rock and synth and mixed it with an Australian accent to create a sound that, quite frankly, isn’t a nice leather bound book that easily slides into a labelled genre. Consider Bachelor Pad an environmentally friendly paper back novel that tells a compelling, light hearted story that soon everyone will want to read.

These Sydney rockers (let’s call them rockers, because they definitely aren’t pop-ers) have created a sound that digests as a new-wave, basement assortment of tunes that really does set them apart from everything else flying around in the whirlwind that is today’s scene of musicians.

Scoring themselves FBI Radio’s Unsigned Artist Of The Week back in 2014, Bachelor Pad are taking the reigns of a basement-rock stallion for a strong 2015 return. Having finished the album in August of last year, Huw, Grace, Tim and Billy have taken the time to complete some life tasks (Grace has finished her studies, Tim is ‘taking the aged-care world by storm’, Billy is looking suave in his concierge role and Huw has been ‘selling the shit out of plumbing supplies’). Returning with Ever Get The Feeling, which incidentally took two years to write and is inspired by Buddy, a sweet track belonging to New Zealand band Snapper, Bachelor Pad confess to have found their rock-synth groove, so expect their upcoming album to taste a lot like these foot-tapping, happy feeling beats.

Bachelor Pad Is For The People is due out in August!

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