Ivan Ooze sets the Brighton Up Bar on fire

Epinephrine. It controls the output of the heart, increases blood flow to the muscles and affects pupil dilation and blood sugar. In science class we used to simply call this adrenaline, that magical little thing that plays an integral role in our fight or flight response. It gets us ready for anything, prompting our bodies to leap into action.

Running a marathon, sex, werewolf attacks, these are the things that usually get those hormones pumping. But leaning against a wall watching a skinny white dude rapping his ass off? Unheard of, unless you’re witnessing the inferno of a live show put on by Ivan Ooze.

Ivan Ooze Fire tour

Everybody’s favourite Power Rangers baddie social alien Ivan Ooze heated things up at the Brighton Up Bar as he brought his Fire tour to Sydney.

We’ve been frothing over this young MC for a little while now, and there’s a good reason why. The guy is a talented fella, and the Ooze was in fine form as he tore the Brighton Up Bar a new one on the second Sydney show on his Fire tour.  As punters gathered before the minuscule stage the atmosphere was palpable. As the DJ started to get everyone into the vibe, Ben Townsend leaped onto the stage and began tearing through his set like a hungry tiger would take to a lamb shank.

There’s no denying his talent for rapping, Ooze’s flow was tight and relentless. It was impressive to bear witness to it as he spat like a maniac without missing a beat and bouncing around the stage. Tracks like TrippinDistrict 9, Mt Moon and D. Triumphant whipped the crowd up into a frenzy. Latest single Fire was greeted with plenty of enthusiasm, Ooze employing the crowd to sing the hook and they were more than willing to screech, “I bring the fucking fire!”

Stage presence is everything, and Ivan Ooze rose to the occasion admirably. It’s not surprising really after coming off a 50 show tour with Aussie hip-hop star Seth Sentry. There was a big difference between those shows and this one. Sure, Ooze brought his killer charms to the Sentry shows, but his own was a whole different beast.

The punters were all hardcore fans and he was feeding off the energy like a glutton, which came through in his energetic performance. Once it came to set closer Eroc (a rework of RL Grime‘s insane banger Core) the crowd rushed the stage, making for a great finale for a high-energy and sweat drenched night.