J.K Rowling slams policy that allows transgender women to become carers

The author of Harry Potter is making headlines again for taking aim at those that support policies that allow transgender women to care for the disabled.

J.K Rowling took to Twitter to vent her anger about policies that will allow transgender women to become carers for disabled and disadvantaged females.

Slamming those for supporting what she feels “endangers extremely vulnerable girls” Rowling asked, “Do we value the disabled so little?” 

The author reacted to an article that was published on the website Transgender Trend that documents a policy which would see young disabled girls have their right to have women-only care staff dealing with intimate care, helping to use the toilet, and managing menstruation, taken away, due to J.K’s opinion that transwomen, aren’t women.

jk rowling
Credit: The Sun

In her first tweet, she said: “I cannot overstate my contempt for those supporting policies that endanger extremely vulnerable girls. This is a travesty.

“Have we learned nothing from successive abuse scandals? Do we value the disabled so little?

Nearly 20 years ago I founded Lumos to reform care systems for vulnerable children. I know from long experience how vulnerable children are in institutions.

“The statistics on predation are appalling. Disabled women and children are many times more likely to be abused.”

Slamming the policy which would see transgender carers tending to young disabled females, JK Rowling said: “Predators go where there is access. Predators love victims who can’t fight back or speak out.

J.K does go on to relay a fact, that point to specifically male-only abuse, not actually to Transgender specific, so in large her claims are poorly investigated, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing.

“Successive studies show that 98-99 percent of sexual abusers are male. This validation of male feelings over disabled girls’ protection is abhorrent. 

“I’m so bloody angry my hands are shaking. I’m the daughter of a disabled mother and I’ve campaigned for the rights of vulnerable children for many years, but I’m still constantly shocked by the cruelty and indifference shown to those who cannot advocate for themselves.”

JK Rowling founded Lumos, a charity that resources go into ending the institutionalisation of children worldwide in 2005.

Kudos to the author for her charity, but what about charity for those who are actually rolling up their sleeves and taking on the heavy lifting, and the finer details of looking after those that need care.

It’s a tough job JK, that requires compassion, and often those that have a broader experience, have bigger heart chakras, how big is your heart chakra JK?