Jake Howden’s In a Picture EP is solid acoustic debut

Music has been used for thousands of years as a means of telling a story and connecting with people. Ancient tribes around the world would use music and dance to communicate stories of their past and to pay reverence to those who came before them. Storytelling is the basis of music and wanting to convey a message. This is exactly what Jake Howden encompasses and it’s through his vivid storytelling ability that the coupling of music and storytelling continues.

Jake Howden

Jake Howden crafts sweet melodies and vivid storytelling on his debut EP In A Picture. His mature lyricism and guitar chops make this youngster one to watch.

Whilst Jake is only nineteen he has a real sense of maturity to his outlook. In his own words: “My biggest challenge has been telling myself that this is only the start of my musical venture. I have a clear vision about what type of music I eventually want to release and represent but I don’t have the equipment right now to make this vision a reality. This whole thing is a never-ending challenge with myself and my brain“. We all like a man boy with a plan.

In April his debut EP In a Picture was released, a compilation of six songs that were written over a two year period. Lost Things has a great warm, acoustic feel to it. The vocals are a standout as there is a variety of range used to give the song a great texture. Starting with a deep and full sound he then transfers to a light and airy one for the chorus. Together with the accompaniment of the acoustic door guitar, Lost Things is a track that opens the EP beautifully.

The shortest piece yet the one that is most experimental with its tempo is When it Happens. With the track being no more then a minute long, there is a great deal packed into it. Very Ed Sheeran, pop-rap styled the entire piece is lyrically quick yet has a steady guitar tempo. The track shows a real promise for Jake, as it’s a push of his musical limits.

With nothing other that his guitar and vocals the track Far From Me showcases how accomplished a lyricist Jake is. His lush lyricism takes the listener on an emotional story of love, loss and despair. Within the track he opens himself up and shows his raw emotions, which enable the track to connect with the listener. Out of his entire EP, Far From Me is a track that is miles above the rest and the piece you wont be able to stop pressing the repeat button for.