Jake Stone shares 10 tracks that influenced his latest single

It’s been a few weeks now since Melbourne-based artist Jake Stone released his latest single You’d Be, and for that entire time, we’ve had it spinning on repeat.

Stone incorporates a range of influences to shape his own unique sound. So, we asked Jake to share a list of tracks that influenced the new single.

Melbourne-based artist Jake Stone shares a playlist of ten tracks that helped influence his anthemic latest single You’d Be. 

Tupac (feat. Elton John) – Ghetto Gospel

I love the combination of styles and the powerful story behind the song. Lyrically, in my opinion, this song is genius and influenced my writing style.

Approachable Members Of Your Local Community – Semiotic Vision

I love the song as it has a funky feel to it and they’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Bastille – Fake it

I can listen to Bastille’s music all night. Every single one of their songs are different and amazingly composed. Bastille influenced my ways of writing songs.

Avicii – Without You

Avicii was a once in a generation artist. His music has just got a huge appeal and really changed my view on how music is made.

Chance The Rapper – Same Drugs

This is a song that ever since it came out I’ve loved! I love how the instrumental is somewhat simple bet yet so effective.

Amy Shark – I Said Hi

This song has a really unique sound to it and I really love that. I can always get behind Australian artists!

Isak Danielson – Broken

I love all the lyrics to Isak Danielson’s music and his gentle melody’s.

Eminem – Mockingbird

Eminem’s music is so powerful and thats why I love it. His music is timeless!

Bastille – Warmth

Bastille are my favourite band and have been for years! The chorus of the song really brings everything together.

The Chainsmokers – Kanye

This song is really easy on the mind and really uplifting. The beat in this song is so well made.

You’d Be is available now. Listen here.