Jared Leto lost his Academy Award 3 years ago and is surprisingly cool with it

Actor Jared Leto revealed that he misplaced his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor during a move to Los Angeles three years ago.

Oscar-winner Jared Leto recently revealed that his award has been missing for three years and he is yet to find it.

The Suicide Squad actor revealed on the Late Late Show with James Corden this week that the trophy “just magically disappeared” during a move to Los Angeles.

jared leto - dallas buyers club
Photograph: Anne Marie Fox, Focus Features

Leto won Best Supporting Actor back in 2014 for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. The solid bronze, 24-karat plated gold award was searched for high and low by Leto’s team before he was notified that it had gone missing.

The odd thing is that Jared didn’t seem too phased about the loss.

When Cordon proposed the possibility of it turning up, Leto seemed convinced that someone else was probably in possession of it: “it’s not something someone accidentally throws in the trash… I hope someone is taking care of it”. 

Whoever is holding the 3.8 kg trophy will hopefully take Leto’s advice and look after it.

Although, if they try to sell it they might be unhappy to discover that according to official regulations, patrons are required to offer their prize for $1 dollar back to the Academy before sale.