Jenny Broke The Window – We Could’ve Done This Grant

It’s been a quieter year for the local powerhouse that is Jenny Broke The Window* – last year saw the release of the phenomenal Rum and Cola, the now familiar summertime jam that made the anthem to many an underage pool party. Not that I go to underage pool parties… Moving along, let’s turn our ears to the fact that the anthem-crafting indie kids are back with an intriguing single called We Could’ve Done This Grant.

jenny broke the window

Whoever Grant is, it sounds like he’s stealing our jobs. That’s the cry from the refreshingly interesting new single from Jenny Broke The Window – check em out at Jam Gallery this Friday!

In a landscape where people seem afraid to journey out of their musical comfort zones, this latest serving of Jenny-pop is a refreshingly original blend of a whole bunch of disparate generic forces. Fuzzy guitars are taken out of their hard rock context and given a sweeping orchestral backdrop, while auto-tuned vocals croon in the background atop a heavily effected clockwork breakdown.

Is it innovative? Perhaps not completely – think the same overarching themes as early Architecture in Helsinki or Ra Ra Riot – but there’s certainly something awfully refreshing here. I don’t know when it happened, but it feels like rock and roll bands have become guitar bands again and have been scared out of venturing beyond the world of surf and garage, lest they accidentally invite a keyboardist into the band. Jenny Broke The Window are lashing out against that, and doing it downright pleasantly.

More importantly, a Jenny Broke The Window live show is a must for anyone who enjoys bopping their head, drinking more than they should and then subsequently bopping a little too hard and waking up with a stipnek. Friday the 17th of October (this Friday) will see the band hit up Jam Gallery for the next installment of JAWS, a series of free nights in Bondi showcasing some of the best Sydney has to offer.

In support of the JAWS show will be Cosmic Hollow – an incredible psychedelic rock band who border on true hard rock/psychedelic sounds. The fuzz is wooly, the organs are cloudy and there seems to be an underlying theme of witchcraft and wizardry, with tracks like Majik (The Gathering?) and Nightshade (+1 poison damage).

Of course, if you can’t make it down to Bondi on Friday, you can catch ’em at the new (and improved?) Annandale Hotel, supported by some more nerds called Wash.

*One of the first bands to play at a live Happy back in 2010!