Jensen deliver subtly moving magic on their new single Lost in You

Jensen‘s sound is a melting pot of alternative folk-rock, expanding from a one-person outfit to a five-piece, the group explore these elements to combine with their simplistic singer-songwriter approach to writing.

Blending emotive lyricism, moving subtlety, and a sweet acoustic softness that’s drenched in warmth, the Tasmanian group deliver a gorgeous slice of earnest balladry on their latest single Lost In You.

Tasmanian outfit Jensen deliver subtly moving magic on their new single Lost in You, a gorgeous love song that’s sure to pull on your heartstrings.

Jensen have been performing around their hometown of Hobart, Tasmania, for over seven years, using the streets as their training ground from the beginning, it began as a product of the friendship between vocalist and guitarist Harry Jensen and guitarist Oscar Bosch.

The duo have had continuous growth over their time playing together, developing a fully-fledged sound, with indistinct undertones of enthusiasm that’s drawn from their sheer love of creating music together. The band have a heartfelt singer-songwriter approach that is fleshed out through full-bodied, stirring melodies and arrangements.

Now pairing with close friend Callum Coleman, the group have worked hard for three years as a trio, pulling this project together. Coleman recorded, produced and mixed Lost in You, the first single off Jensen’s third and upcoming release, an EP entitled These Waves of Mine.

Recorded, mixed, and produced by the band’s friend Callum Coleman, Lost in You is a breath of fresh air; with effortlessly clear and resonant vocals hung across minimal, beautiful acoustic guitar tones and heartfelt lyricism.

There’s a poignant intimacy to this song that shines through layers of subtly moving instrumentation and angelic vocal overdubs. This raw, honest and heartfelt track is delivered with an incredible restraint that evokes a wistful nostalgia that is all at once powerful and gentle.

“At its core, Lost in You is a love song. With the cliché noted, it’s about how time seems to move a little differently when you’re with that person,” says Harry Jensen.

“The song was inspired by a guitar sound. An old thing with attitude from the ’30s. I wrote it one night playing around with the sounds I could get out of it. It’s different to most things I’ve written before. Or at least I feel it is, especially within the vocal range. The recording also happened in one night not long after that. We added the dulcet electric, bass, drums, and harmonies and that was it. It was recorded in Leslie Vale, Tasmania at Oscar’s home.” 

Listen to Lost In You above.