PREMIERE: Jensen craft pure folk catharsis on These Waves Of Mine

Earlier this year, when Jensen dropped thier single Sinking, we were immediately immersed in their cathartic and euphoric brand of folk-rock. The Hobart-based outfit craft tunes that feel simultaneously grounded and far-reaching—they’re rooted in earthy folk tones, but stretch into far more expansive sonic territories.

Now, with the release of their new EP These Waves Of Mine, the band continue to establish their penchant for crafting explorative gems of sound. If you’re not already listening to this band, we storngly recommend you change that.

On their new EP These Waves Of Mine, Hobart-based band Jensen craft an immersive ocean of atmospheric folk-rock beauty.

Throughout the new EP, Jensen weave together elements of atmospheric folk and indie-rock to deliver something uniquely their own. With endearingly centred vocal melodies and rich intrumental arrangements, These Waves Of Mine is brimming with effortless charm.

All in the span of six tracks, the band build steadily towards something completely captivating. EP opener (and lead single) Sinking is a lush, spell-binding showcase of the band’s brilliant musical craftmanship—it feels equal parts raw and energetic; the band develop a sonic unvierse with nothing but their lyricism and stripped-back instrumentation.

From here, the group navigate myriad sonic territories. Over The Moon is one of the EP’s most subdued tracks, allowing the vocals to truly soar. Pathfinder begins in a similar manner, before transitioning into an ocean-like body of atmospheric noise. (The harmonies here are absolutely phenomenal.)

By the time the EP’s epic, slow-burning closer The Ocean reaches its final moments, you’ll be left completely transfixed by Jensen’s incredible take on folk music.

These Waves Of Mine is the latest in a string of consistently great releases from this Tasmanian band, but judging by the quality of what we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.