Raw, heartfelt and vulnerable, Jensen's Sinking is a spine-tingling triumph

Raw, heartfelt, and vulnerable, Jensen’s Sinking is a spine-tingling triumph

There’s something about Jensen‘s delectable blend of emotive lyricism, poignant guitar licks, and stirring melodies that ignites a little fire in your belly. They have a simplistic singer-songwriter approach to alternative folk-rock that really sticks with you.

Hot on the heels of the release of their latest single Lost In Youthe Tasmanian outfit release Sinking, the second single off their forthcoming EP These Waves of Mine, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.


Jensen open up the window to their souls on Sinking, a heart-wrenching yet beautiful track that perfectly captures the many emotions of a time of struggle.

Jensen is a project that stemmed from the close friendship of vocalist and guitarist Harry Jensen and guitarist Oscar Bosch. The duo have worked closely alongside their good friend Callum Coleman on their forthcoming EP for the last three years, with Coleman recording, producing and mixing the tracks.

Recording Sinking was an “eclectic” process that spanned across multiple years, with the song metamorphosizing at multiple points, diverting in different directions to end up where it is now. The many years of transformation have led to an enchanting track that is as passionate as it is subtle. It’s deeply moving, with a sweeping vulnerability that is both honest and sincere.

There’s a stunningly simplistic approach to this track, with soulful hooks, infectious melodies, and a raw, heartfelt lyricism that pulls on your heartstrings. Sinking has a spine-tingling, heart-wrenching beauty to it, it’s like opening a window into the deepest depths of someone else’s struggle and feeling everything that they’ve felt. It feels personal, it feels intimate and it feels genuine.

“Sinking is about struggle. Especially with things out of your control that still have a dramatic influence on how you can “be”. The song came from the intro melody, imagined in the shower. The lyrics wrote themselves. It was one of the first tracks written from this EP. It was probably one of the first times I really allowed myself to feel truly vulnerable in a song. The rest of the EP continued in this vein.”

Listen to Sinking above.