Nick Valensi drops hints that The Strokes’ new album is finished

During a recent radio interview on Out of the Box, lead guitarist of The Strokes, Nick Valensi, dropped hints that the band’s latest album is finished.

The Strokes have been back on the live scene of late, and in May they debuted a new song, The Adults are Talking, whilst performing at a benefit show at the Wiltern in Los Angeles.

The Strokes, New Album, Julian Casablancas, Nick Valensi

Lead guitarist of The Strokes, Nick Valensi, has teased the “strong likelihood” of a new album in a recent radio interview.

It’s been six years since their last full-length album, Comedown Machine, was released in 2013, followed by the 2016 four-track release, Future Present Past EP. 

In an interview with Music Business Worldwide earlier this year, The Strokes’ booking agent and Artist Group International President, Marsha Vlasic, confirmed that the band would be returning with new music, with a press release calling 2019 their “global comeback”.

This time around, Valensi’s band CRX was being interviewed on New York’s Classic Rock Radio, Q104.3, when host Jonathan Clarke mentioned to Valensi that he had heard “the new Strokes album is finished and that you are mixing.”

Appearing genuinely surprised, Valensi responded “Wow, you heard that?”

Clarke pressed on with questions of “when?” and “if?”

“When, I don’t know,” Valensi replied. “If–I would say, a strong likelihood.”

When asked where the information came from, Clarke answered that it was “from a very reliable source”, to which Valensi gave the tongue-in-cheek response: “It must be true then.”

Check out a video of the interview posted to Julian Casablancas‘ Instagram account: