NSW festivals may be introducing pill testing and scrapping sniffer dogs

It seems like New South Wales has been experiencing a never-ending debate surrounding the world of festival safety, with drug use being the hottest of topics.

Now, the state government is facing pressure over what appears to be an overwhelming opinion that their stance on drug use at music festivals is too harsh. Surprise, surprise.

nsw pill testing festivals new south wales

The NSW State Coroner is reportedly set to make 40 festival safety recommendations which include introducing pill testing, and the much-needed removal of sniffer dogs.

What stands out most from the report is the recommendation that pill testing be allowed at such events, which could inform users about the content of illicit drugs and prevent festival-goers from harm and even death.

The draft report also calls for the scrapping of police body searches and an end to the use of sniffer dogs at festivals. More than 40 recommendations are expected to be included in the report, which follows an inquest into the drug-related deaths of six young people at various events in recent times. The New South Wales Coroner’s office says the recommendations have not been finalised, ahead of them being handed down on November 8th.

These possible changes have been celebrated as incredible news by many who believe they allow for a safer festival and partying environment. However, the recommendations do not come without many who are opposed to a “looser outlook” on festival safety. The Police and the New South Wales government appear set on opposing some of the report’s findings and recommendations, with the government previously ruling out pill testing despite what appeared to be overwhelming success at its trial at Groovin the Moo Festival in 2019.

For now, festival-lovers just need to sit tight with their fingers crossed and wait for what could be some incredible changes in regulation.