Woodford Folk Festival announce their magical 2019 lineup

If you thought you had your New Years Festival plans all sorted out, well, Woodford Folk Festival might just throw a spanner in the works.

Woodford has just announced a stunning lineup which is sure to tantalise the mind, body and soul.

woodford folk festival 2019

Headlining this year’s festival is Kasey Chambers and joining her are the likes of Emma Louise, Amanda Palmer, Ngaiire, Archie Roach, Lior, Kate Miller-Heidke and many more.

The Woodford Folk Festival, an event of international standing, is held annually over six days and six nights from Dec 27th through to January 1st. More than 2000 performers and 438 events are programmed featuring local, national and international guests.

What makes this festival so unique is the way it aims to craft experiences which are deep, rich, colourful, and unlike any other in Australia. It’s based on a vision of inclusive and creative community, culture and tradition passed through generations, expressed through story and ceremony. 

Chloe Goodyear, head of programming for the event, stated: 

“It is a coming together of souls; a bubbling cauldron of expression and creativity; an exploration of our cultures and a celebration of a compassionate community.”

“The programme is a collection of performances, workshops, talks, and experiences that celebrate who we are, examine the issues we’re facing as a global and local community, and inspire us to move forward together.”

This year’s festival theme is ‘Imagining A Beautiful Future’ which festival director Bill Hauritz says is not about inspiring false hope, but actively making a change wherever they can.

“We don’t want to inspire false hope, but together, if we can imagine a brighter, more promising future, we’ll make one,” he said.


Kasey Chambers
Emma Louise
Amanda Palmer
The Herd
Kate Miller-Heidke
Electric Fields
Archie Roach
Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire)
Lime Cordiale
Tia Gostelow
Betty Grumble
Briefs Factory
Boban Markovic Orkestar
The Brother Brothers
Brighde Chaimbeul
Elephant Sessions
Blair Dunlop
Monks of Tibet

Explore the lineup and whole program here.