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Stuck for beats? Check out Audiomodern’s Playbeat plug-in

If you’ve ever been stuck trying to come up with new beats, Audiomodern Playbeat could be your answer.

The Creative Groove Randomiser plug-in is a sample-based pattern generator that helps you come up with new ideas by randomising grooves.audiomodern playbeat

Audiomodern Playbeat is a Creative Groove Randomiser plug-in that generates patterns to help inspire new ideas for beats.

Unlike normal step sequencers, Playbeat uses algorithmic and random procedures for generating notes, combining steps, pitch, volume, and more, to create patterns.

You can load your own sounds and generate up to four patterns simultaneously creating polyrhythms and an endless amount of patterns to play with. Patterns can then be saved as presets.

Its simple user interface enables Playbeat to be used both in the studio and for live purposes, and certain features of the plug-in, like automatic cycling through random patterns, can be used for performance.

Audiomodern Playbeat is compatible with Windows 7 and up and Mac OS 10.12 and up, and is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX versions (32/64 bit).

The plug-in is currently on sale for around $60 AUD from Audiomodern, and is also available for iPad and iPhone for about $10 AUD from the App Store.

Head over to the Audiomodern website for more information.