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Creativity Unbound: The Teenage Engineering KO II

Creativity is a fluid thing, so why should the places we make music be static?

Teenage Engineering has already earned their rightful place in the Music Hall of Fame. Breaking into the scene with their famed pocket operators and one of the most revered portable daws, the ‘OP1’. Their newest release the ‘K.O. II’ is no different to its aforementioned counterparts.

Picture this, you’re sitting on the train, coming home from work, you hear the whistle blow and the doors start to close, you think “That would be such a cool sample”. You pull out your K.O. II from your bag and hit record at the next stop, by the time you get home, you’ve already got the bones of a track built. 

Teenage Engineering has not just thought about flexibility and design but also high-fidelity recording and a heap of options to get your recordings feeling just like they would in a studio. 

All this is made possible by the built-in FX engine, panning, pitch shifting and filters you can shape sounds into whatever you want, with just a move of the fader.

A sequencer lets you build out ideas on a grid with changeable tempo and options to quantise or add swing. Pressure-sensitive keys help the playability to feel smooth and seamless and with 64 MB of storage, you can record and save up to 999 samples.Music isn’t just meant to be confined to purpose-built rooms or times of solace, it’s meant to be created during the most mundane parts of life; on the train as your day starts, sitting in the park soaking up the summer sun, or in your favourite cafe nook as it rains outside. 

Creativity is everywhere, you just have to be open to it and find a way to capture it the best you can.

Head to the Teenage Engineering Website to learn more