Canada’s Piner releases final single from concept album; A Part Of It

Emerging from Skeleton Park, Piner longs to create a better future with her Soccer Mommy-sounding single ‘A Part Of It’

The final instalment of her new record ‘Netherworld’, released in 2023, Piner completes the conceptualised future she longs to bring into existence with ‘A Part Of It.’

A commentary on the woes of communities around the world at the sight of gentrification and commodification of humanness, ‘A Part Of It’ turns to look at the positive, too.

piner new single release

An inclusive, inspiring and hopeful track, Piner has a clear mission in her music and an uncontainable passion for the world and those who inhabit it.

A call to change with an indie-flare and buzzing energy, ‘A Part Of It’ slots in nicely with the guitar rock we’ve seen dominating the industry, – think Soccer Mommy, Phoebe Bridgers, Big Thief – though Piner is tinged with a country folk aura.

Organ synths, storytelling lyrics and jangly chords make ‘A Part Of It’ a pleasant mish-mash of genre, and all together broadly accessible.

Piner projects her message calmly, her gentle tone that still conveys power and knowledge.

Sounding somewhat similar to independent artist Gatlin, Piner seems right at home in using her music as her medium.

Emotional, inviting and recognisable, Piner shines with her commanding presence and ease.

This music seems to come innately to her, both her vocal tone and ability as well as the simple yet perfect production that allows ‘A Part Of It’ to rise tall amongst its contemporaries.

With her modern country twang and percussive melodies, Piner’s influences are on her sleeve, though she effortlessly moulds them into something just for her.

Primed for a festival appearance or the song stuck on radio rotation for weeks on end, ‘A Part Of It’  is full of exciting potential.

Piner is the definition of an artist; one with passions that bleed out into every crevice of the world through her voice.

Desperate to make a change and armed with the talent and ambition to do so, Piner is more than just one to watch – she is one that will force you to see.

Listen to ‘A Part Of It’ and more of Piner below.