Happy’s picks for the six must-see events at Festival of Voices

We’re just weeks away from the 2024 edition of Festival of Voices, and attendees are likely deciding which events to catch during the festival’s week-long run.

Hitting Tasmania from June 28 to July 7, the beloved Festival Of Voices offers its biggest program yet, featuring everything from a line up of stellar musical performances, to family-friendly events and more.

At Happy, we’re busy marking the program items we can’t wait to attend. It goes without saying that The Big Sing is a must-see at the heart of the festival, and while Macy Gray has already sold out (you snooze, you lose), the true beauty of Festival of Voices lies in its diverse and outstanding lineup. Here are our six picks for the must-see events at this year’s Festival of Voices.

Country Pub Chorus with The Wolfe Brothers

The concept of a pub chorus might sound inviting enough as it is, but add in The Wolfe Brothers and you’ve all but confirmed our attendance. The beloved country duo—composed of brothers Nick and Tom Wolfe are known for their impressive live shows and have steadily climbed to the top of Australian country music.

With four generations of musical heritage, their father, a rock drummer, and their mother, who filled the home with 90s country staples like Garth Brooks and Billy Ray Cyrus, helped nurture their talents. at Longley Hotel on June 30. Although the June 29th set, Easy Tiger, is sold out, limited tickets remain for the Longley Hotel show.

Gather your mates, bring the family, and pack a puffer jacket for the Country Pub Chorus! Find more information here.

Festival of Voice The Wolfe Brothers

Uke Springsteen – Nebraska with B.S. Roberts

Roberts delves deep, guiding you through Springsteen’s Nebraska’s hidden gems and anthems with surprising ukulele finesse. It’s more than a tribute—it’s a reimagining, laying bare the emotional core of Springsteen’s work.

Roberts transcends ukulele stereotypes, creating a sound that captures the essence of Bruce Springsteen’s album. His stripped-back performance shines, demonstrating remarkable skill and minimalism. He balances faithful renderings with subtly changed arrangements, offering a fresh perspective on Springsteen’s evocative lyrics and chords.

Embark on a unique musical journey as Roberts breathes new life into Springsteen’s gem, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the significance of every lyric and chord.

Catch Uke Springsteen on June 30 at Ian Potter Recital Hall. Find more information here.

festival of voices must see uke springsteen 2024

Spinifex Gum

Part protest, part celebration, Spinifex Gum is the brainchild of Felix Riebl from The Cat Empire, created with Michael Woodley, CEO of the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation.

At its heart is Marliya, an all-female ensemble of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander singers, led by conductor Lyn Williams. The music, by Riebl and Ollie McGill, and choreography by First Nations artist Deborah Brown, create an unforgettable performance.

Spinifex Gum tackles tough political and environmental issues in contemporary Australia, from social disparity in the Pilbara to land rights and disproportionate incarceration and deaths in custody of Indigenous Australians.  Marliya’s songs, in both English and Yindjibarndi, captivate and inspire, creating a collective voice that resonates deeply. Find more information here.

Festival of Voice Spinifex Gum

Round Midnight with Mama Alto

Melbourne’s jazz icon, Mama Alto, beckons you on a sultry “Round Midnight” adventure this July 4. Prepare to be captivated by her rich, “liquid velvet” voice weaving through classic and surprising jazz gems. This unforgettable performance promises a rollercoaster of emotions—expect Mama Alto’s exquisite musicality and powerful stage presence to leave you breathless.

Tickets start at $35, so don’t miss your chance to witness this truly exceptional, gender-bending artist. Find more information here.

 festival of voices - Round Midnight with Mama Alto


It’s no secret we’re big Montaigne fans at Happy, so we’ll be first in line for their show on June 6 at Hobart’s Odeon Theatre. The beloved singer-songwriter will perform tunes from their latest studio effort, making it!. Montaigne, known for their Eurovision stint and collaboration with Talking Heads’ David Byrne on “Always Be You,” promises an electrifying performance. Find more information here.

Since emerging in 2012, Montaigne has captivated audiences with their dynamic stage presence and exceptional storytelling. In 2020, they represented Australia at Eurovision with the stunning original song ‘Don’t Break Me’ and returned in 2021 with ‘Technicolour,’ showcasing their sharp songwriting and performance style.

Their third album, making it! (2022), embraces an eclectic and forward-thinking music-making journey, including the single ‘Always Be You,’ created with David Byrne. Find more information here.

BROAD with Geraldine Quinn

Remember those outrageous, unforgettable women you looked up to? Geraldine Quinn does too, and in BROAD, she’s honouring them—and becoming one herself. This cabaret veteran is back with a show celebrating the power of women who refuse to fade away. Expect an ode to sisterhood, defiance, and the joy of finding your inner badass.

Quinn’s journey takes you from fangirling to becoming the force of nature she always admired. It’s a night of powerhouse vocals, hilarious anecdotes, and an unapologetic celebration of being a BROAD. Catch BROAD on July 5 at Studio Theatre. Find more information here.

festival of voices - BROAD with Geraldine Quinn

For the full program and more details on all events, head to the Festival of Voices website.